K40 Whisperer Change Log

K40 Whisperer Change Log

Changes in Version 0.01

- Initial Release

Changes in Version 0.02

- Added Min/Max darkness cutoff settings for halftone raster images.
- Fixed bug that could cause raster engraving to start engraving the wrong direction.
- Fixed error messages and added better error messages.
- Removed Numpy dependency.

Changes in Version 0.03

- Added more descriptive text to "No Backend Error" to indicate libUSB is not installed
- Removed debugging code that could have resulted in the head moving 1" away from raster image.
- Updated raster test pattern SVG file.

Changes in Version 0.04

- Improvements to DXF import to prevent import failures
- DXF import now detects blue lines and designates them as engraving lines.
- DXF import looks for layers that have the text "engrave" in the name and designates items on the layer as engraving lines.
- DXF import now detects the units in the file. If no units are specified the user is prompted to select the correct units.
- Stop button now works during all phases of engraving preparation
- Status updates more during engraving preparation and engraving process
- Stop button now pauses job with the option to resume or terminate the job.
- Added error on detection of color coded text in SVG files.
- Deleted Min/Max darkness cutoff settings for halftone raster images.
- Added Levels settings utilizing a Bezier curve to control the levels of gray-scale images
- Changed scan-line step input to always be in inches.

Changes in Version 0.05

- Added option to support homing in the upper right corner (instead of the upper left corner) for some 50W machines
- Changed the final move after vector engrave and vector cutting to be a rapid move to the starting position (was at working speed move).
- Updated code to support more easily running on Mac computers. Instructions added in the src zip file for getting started on Mac.
- Eliminated the requirement for the PIL/Pillow _imaging C module.
- Started updating for compatibility with Python 3 (this is a low priority work in progress)

Changes in Version 0.06

- Added code to DXF class to fix bad knot data in splines.
- Added better status messages during image processing
- Changed half toning to PIL/PILLOW half toning (faster)
- Added better error message for Memory Error which previously resulted in a blank message box.
- Added a 64 bit executable to the list of downloads to address memory limitations with the 32 bit application

Changes in Version 0.07

- Fixed "maximum recursion depth..." error when engraving/cutting.
- Adjusted code for better memory management when generating data for the laser cutter.

Changes in Version 0.08

- Fixed X-axis rapid motion bug that resulted in a engraving/cutting offset after some .003 inch rapid motions.
- Instructions added in the src zip file for getting setup on Linux (README_Linux.txt).
- Added code for B1 controller boards (Not enabled yet still need to be tested.)

Changes in Version 0.09

- Adjusted DXF import to avoid DXF loading fail due to rounding error during calculations.

Changes in Version 0.10

- Added support for SVG "polyline" and "polygon" objects
- Added code to automatically convert text to paths when red/blue vector text outlines are found.
- Hidden layers in Inkscape SVG files now remain hidden.

Changes in Version 0.11

- Added support for reading g-code.
- Enabled option for controller board version B1
- Fixed a bug that resulted in bad design scaling if one of the feed rates were not entered correctly when changing units.
- Added support for SVG "Line" objects

Changes in Version 0.12

- Added advanced options pane
- Added multi-pass engraving and cutting
- Added Mirror option
- Added "Use Input CSYS" option to force K40 Whisperer to use the coordinate system from the input design (the default is to use the upper left corner of the design).
- Added option to disable homing the laser cutter upon initialization.
- Added option to disable preprocessing of CRC data. Un-selecting the "Preprocess CRC Data" option results in the CRC data being generated on the fly while data is being sent to the laser.
- Added option in Raster Settings to force engraving from the bottom of the raster image to the top. Sometimes this is useful to prevent smoke from spoiling the engraved image.
- Changed the communication with the laser cutter to include error detection/correction during transmission of data.
- Fixed bug that resulted in the laser area value being removed during a change in units

Changes in Version 0.13

- Fixed g-code processing so that it does not ignore spindle inputs. Now works with raster input from LaserWeb4
- Fixed bug that could result in "'update_gui' is not defined" error.

Changes in Version 0.14

- Fixed bug that resulted in two passes on some vector cut and vector engrave paths
- Changed some error messages to be less confusing.

Changes in Version 0.15

- Fixed DXF import so it recognizes colors assigned at the layer level
- Improved DXF warning messages. Identical messages are now counted and displayed in one line.
- Added support for the remaining board types supported by LaserDRW

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