Kids Projects

Engrave Hockey Pucks

Engraved hockey pucks.

Pen cap hockey sticks and a hockey rink for pen cap hockey games. It is hard to see in the pic but the puck is a penny.

Our Rules:
1. The neutral zone is a free for all you can hit each other sticks etc.
2. A players stick/hand cannot enter the opposing players zone. (i.e. you can not put your hand past the other players blue line)
3. only the blade of your stick can contact the playing surface. (i.e. you can not rest your hand on the board)

Official rink size:
Width: As wide as the piece of wood you have
Length: Long enough to make it look right about right
I have this old microwave cart setup as a kids workbench in my garage. There are two small drill press vices mounted to it. I try to let my kids do whatever they want out there as long as it is relatively safe. For a while I had to have one hammer with padding on the back because one of my kids had a tendency to swing the hammer really close to his face.
This is a microphone stand that gets used for the many shows that are performed in our house.
Crutches, who doesn't need a pair of crutches?
Bike basket, this is only slightly more macho than the wicker kind.

Ladder for storming the castle.

Popsicle Stick Pallet. We actually made this before we had the forklift. This is the case of a project that eventually found a purpose.

Wooden Mockups of a Nintendo DS

Street sweeper curtain rod holders. One of my kids was obsessed with street sweepers for awhile.

My wife made the curtains.

I was going to do an aluminum pour one day so I had my kids glue some googly eyes to a board in the shape of their names. I used the board with the eyes as a pattern for a green sand mold to make the aluminum parts pictured.

This is one of my first projects with my CNC mill. The boxes nest as shown in one of the pictures.

My skateboard broke a few years ago so I made a new deck out of scrap wood I had laying around. It actually works pretty well. It could use a little grip tape.

Mini-baseball bat with name carved into it


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