ScorchCAD is a clone of OpenSCAD for Android devices.
Available on Google Play

Development of ScorchCAD terminated years ago but if you want to install that last available version in on newer phone you may need to download the APK file and install it manually. ScorchCAD_2016_11_18.apk


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ScorchCAD is an OpenSCAD clone written for Android devices. ScorchCAD executes OpenSCAD code and displays/exports the resulting model. ScorchCAD is a clone of OpenSCAD meaning that it aims to provide the same functions as OpenSCAD but it does not share the same source code. Most of the basic features are currently working. Additional features will be added in future updates. The core Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) functions of ScorchCAD are based on the JavaScript program OpenJSCAD. The CSG functionality from OpenjsCAD was converted to Java for use in ScorchCAD. A completely new interface and ScorchCAD interpretor were written to interpret the OpenSCAD code and display the resulting model on Android devices.

ScorchCAD Features (fully or partially supported)

- 3D shapes: cube, cylinder, sphere and polyhedron
- Transformations: translate, rotate, scale, resize, mirror, multmatrix, hull, color
- Boolean Operations: union, difference and intersection
- Functions: norm, cross, lookup, str, , version, version_num and mathematical functions
- Other: echo, for, intersection_for, if, assign, projection, surface
- File Import: DXF and STL (ASCII and binary)
- User defined variables and special variables : $fa, $fs and $fn
- User defined functions and Math functions
- Modifier character * (disable)

OpenSCAD function that are not supported

minkowski, search, children, parent_module, Modifier Characters (! show only, # highlight, % transparent)

Graphic Summary of Features

For a bit more graphical way of looking at the supported features in ScorchCAD. Here is a picture of my todo list (i.e. the
OpenSCAD CheatSheet). The items that are crossed off are the items that work in ScorchCAD.
ScorchCAD StatusScorchCAD Status

Changes in Version 0.01

- Initial Release

Changes in Version 0.02

- Bug fixes

Changes in Version 0.03

- Bug fixes

Changes in Version 0.04

Added Features:
- Hull
- Multmatrix
- 2D shapes (circle, square, polygon)
- 2D boolean operations
- Resize
- Intersection_for
- Nested for loops (i.e. for(i=[1:5],j=[1:5]) )
- Polyhedron
- norm
- cross
- min
- max

Changes in Version 2014.11.13

Changed version format to more closely match OpenSCAD
Added Features:
-search (partial support)

Changes in Version 2014.01.16

- Improved error handling a little bit. This version should crash less and give better error messages.
- Fixed folder navigation for devices with internal storage and SD card or multiple SD cards.

Changes in Version 2015.03.28

- Changed appearance of buttons in the model view
- Improved DXF reading, DXF import now supports files using BLOCKS and INSERT

Changes in Version 2015.06.15

- Corrected some special case inputs for cube()
- Corrected behavior of "d=" and "r=" for cylinder()

Changes in Version 2015.07.18

- Fixed editor bug that resulted in extra carriage returns in DOS format text files
- Editor now remembers your last editing position when switching between model and edit screens and during screen rotations.
- Improved error message when a closing character "},),]' is missing

Changes in Version 2015.08.11

- ScorchCAD now remembers settings and the current file name between sessions.
- Console displays some model size information after build.
- Fixed a few bugs in the "include" and "use" functionality.
- Detects and prevents infinite loops resulting from incestuous include calls.

Changes in Version 2015.08.17

- Fixed crashing due to to special characters like '=' in strings. (e.g. strings used in echo statements.)

Changes in Version 2016.03.09

- Fixed bug related to negative signs preceding variables names
- Added support for Conditional ? (value = a==b ? value_if_true : value_if_false)

Changes in Version 2016.05.01

- Added menu in editor to allow turning off auto-complete (auto-complete causes problems for some people)
- Fixed "scale"option for "linear_extrude" function
- Cleaned up main drop-down menu

Changes in Version 2016.05.04

- Changed default setting to auto complete disabled because auto complete results in crashes on some devices. Auto complete can be turned back on in the Editor menu.
- Added dialog boxes warning before code editor is erased when clear code editor is selected.
- Added option to create a link to an external file. When a file is linked an external editor can be used to modify the external file between model builds.

Changes in Version 2015.08.27

- Fixed problem with IF - ELSE IF - ELSE constructs
- Improved handling of undefined variables


ScorchCAD on Google Play
ScorchCAD on Amazon App Store

OpenSCAD example files that work with ScorchCAD:


Use ScorchCAD as you would OpenSCAD. The syntax is the same (for supported functions). To get to the code editor or console windows use the buttons on the bottom of the screen.

In addition You can open STL files using the open button. The OpenSCAD code required to open the selected file will automatically overwrite anything in the editor window. Similarly you can also open DXF files using the open menu.

To inspect the displayed model:
-Rotate the model with one finger using the touch screen
-Pinch to zoom using two fingers
-Use three fingers on the screen to pan left/right, up/down.


ScorchCAD is based on OpenJSCAD which was derived from the original javascript program csg.js written by Evan Wallace.

ScorchCAD uses QuickHull3D written by John E. Lloyd, Ph. D. to perform the hull operation.

Screen Shots

scorchcad_pic scorchcad_pic scorchcad_pic
scorchcad_pic scorchcad_pic scorchcad_pic

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