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Scorch View is a python program tool for viewing STL, DXF and g-code files. There are many other programs that do the same function as this program. My motivation for this program is that it contains building blocks for a potential future program (that may or may not happen).

Included in the source file download is a file called "" which is a bare bones example of using the EZ_OpenGL_Frame in a Python program. The EZ_OpenGL_Frame class makes it easy to add an OpenGL frame in a python program that uses TKinter. I was looking for a way to do it but I did not like any of the solutions I found. EZ_OpenGL_Frame was what I wrote to make the process easier for me quickly add to a TKinter program.

As of right now there isn't any formal documentation for EZ_OpenGL_Frame but the example code should be pretty easy to follow. Especially if you are familiar with using TKinter and Python. Scorch View is a more complex program that uses EZ_OpenGL_Frame. Scorch View uses more of the EZ_OpenGL_Frame functionality and includes drag and drop functionality.



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If the windows executable does not work right away install the
“Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable”. Pypy has a dependency to this package.

Change Log

Changes in Version 0.01

- Initial Release