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Scorch Works Blog
ScorchCAD Picture
Laser Draw Inkscape Extension
Injection Mold Picture
Home Plastic Injection Molding
G-Code Ripper Picture
G-Code Ripper:
Scale, Rotate, Translate, Split and Wrap G-Code
F-Engrave Picture
Text and Image Engraving and V-Carving
Dmap2Gcode Picture
Convert Greyscale Images to G-Code
3D Printing Picture
Adventures in 3D Printing
Air popped Picture
Salty Air Popped Popcorn
Kids Picture
One Day Foundry - For Casting Aluminum
Gingery Lathe Picture
Some of my tools
Kids Picture
Things I have made with and for my kids
ScorchCAD Picture
OpenSCAD clone for Android Devices

Alibre Design
Here is a quick tutorial on the use of the Alibre Boolean Operation

Other Places to Find My Projects

My YouTube Channel (Scorch Works)
My Thingiverse Page (scorch)
Scorch Works Blog
@scorchworks On Twitter

My kids also have a web site


Scorch Works Home
Scorch Works Home
Scorch Works Blog
@scorchworks On Twitter